About Me

Sometimes I am full of compassion and empathy, other days I’m just a pissed off mess angry about the lack of understanding by the general population in how the powerful use public policy to further their own self-interests. On those darker days, I write to try and ease my frustration and to hopefully expand the discourse away from the eight second sound bite. Now more than ever, in this time of news silos, it is important to take a step back, and a breathe and write out the long view.

I’m not always correct, right or even poignant. I’m often confused, jumbled and depressed. I’m also dyslexic so sometimes trying to get things to fit on a linear line verbiage instead of a web of images and snapshots leaves me in tears. However, I keep refining my points and honing my skills at expressing them. I hope you read this and realize my motive is to move the narrative forward.